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Adbursters New Enhanced Ad Exchange


Solo Ad Exchanges are one of the most responsive forms of advertising on the internet, and more productive than really any other form! Forget the Set and Forget Systems, no one reads your Advertisements! Stop being scammed into this scenario and thinking "Hey, I set my ads up and I'll get loads of visitors and wow, the sales I could get" WRONG!

You and those who belong to a System such as this only gets a jam packed inbox which is over quota and they never open that email and view anything.... this is what happens they get deleted because of so many emails, they cannot possibly read or just open and click a link! We No Longer have this, nor the High Priority Ads, they are a waste of your time.

How it works: 
Adbursters.com's New Enhanced Advertising System, is a Credit Based Advertising source. The Members who join in good faith they receive Handsome Points for Reading Solo Emails, Clicking on Banner Ads, Button Ads, Hot Links, Headline Ads, Login Ads, Text Ads, Html Ads, Traffic Links, Solo Footer Ads, and other advertising opportunities.

Plus, Members can Earn Cash with Paid to Click Links. These points can be exchanged for advertising. This helps encourage members to view your ads and in which sends them to your websites. We always keep the amount of emails we send you and your inbox low so that they will get a great response rate, also when you Login you can also, browse Our Emails from inside your Account, and not bombarded with hundreds of emails in a day.

Membership is free but we do have paid membership as well, which you can also TRADE YOUR POINTS TO GET. However the Paid Membership is a Lifetime for a one time Trade or Pay which in turn includes Generous Point Bonus and much Higher Credits Earning ability for all your activity. This will save you time and "MONEY".

Each and Everything you Click on is Rewarded here. This is what makes all advertising more responsive.

Like traffic exchanges you get credit for viewing websites. There are "Featured Ad Links", where you post a text ad and they will stay active until they receive a set number of unique clicks. These "Featured Ad Links" are for credit points or they are PTC's. You get credit for clicking on banner ads and Hot Links as well. You will earn a lot of advertising credits just by being an active member.

There are many ways to advertise with us and the Admin/Owner is friendly and supportive and we are newbie friendly.

Together We Will Succeed!

NOTICE: Your ADBURSTERS.com is NOT an MLM or "Get Rich Quick" program. We do not require people to pay any fees to join and participate in our site. We do require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You will not get rich by using our website. We make no claims or promises that you will make money using our website, either directly or indirectly. We are strictly in the business of providing advertising services to our members.

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